Network Solutions - Private Label Hosting

Software Architecture

Private label hosting is a technically complex service. To serve the needs of all our customers, we combine multiple operating systems such as Windows® and Linux®, multiple types of hardware such as storage devices, servers, and network equipment, and multiple applications such as e-mail, Web site hosting, and e-commerce functionality.

Network Solutions recognizes that a shared hosting platform also has to be flexible, robust, and easily integrated with our customers existing solutions. We've created a sophisticated architecture that combines industry standard hardware and software to make sure all the pieces run smoothly with no compatibility issues. In addition, our forward-thinking design gives our partners as much control as they want over their product and its service delivery.

Network Solutions is a firm believer in minimizing the operational overhead required to maintain a large scale and robust hosting and e-mail platform. We have many different operational tools that are used to quickly resolve operational issues, and optimize the performance of all server environments. All our applications are tightly integrated into our monitoring infrastructure.

Front Layer

Any application with the appropriate access can send XML formatted provisioning requests to Network Solutions' enterprise grade middleware, built using the latest Sun® Microsystems application server technology.

Network Solutions Operating System (IQOS)

IQOS is Network Solutions' proprietary middleware solution for hosting and e-mail systems. All requests to manage services and features go through the middleware. IQOS is built on the SunOne application server and uses Oracle databases to store all enterprise data securely and efficiently. Provisioning requests are distributed to Network Solutions' scalable hosting platform in a secure, transactional and fault tolerant model.

Back-End Layer

Each back-end resource is treated as a black box. Our middleware communicates with them using their respective API. All API requests are transactional and are built to a clean and auditable operational environment. Where possible, Network Solutions uses enterprise solutions for provisioning, such as the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) and the latest .NET and J2EE technologies.