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Data Centers

Sophisticated data centers are at the heart of our private label hosting services. Network Solutions' proprietary hosting platform and data centers give our enterprise Web hosting partners, carriers and service providers the reliability, redundancy and scalability they require from a hosting provider.

Our maximum security carrier-class facilities, coupled with our unparalleled network architecture and industry-leading products and services, enable Network Solutions to deliver outstanding performance and service to our customers and end-users 24 hours a day, seven days a week with virtual zero downtime*.

Here are the specifications for one of our typical data centers in North America:

Real Estate Summary

Total Building Interior [sf] = 108,590
Total Building Exterior [sf] = 110,722
Raised Floor [sf] = 69,901
NOC/NODE/sub node = 2,488
Total Raised Floor [sf] = 72,389

Electrical Summary

Power Density [W/sf] = 50
Primary BUS # = 5
Redundant BUS # = 1
Generator Quantity = 5
Generator Capacity = 1250 kW each
Primary UPS Power = 3600 kW
UPS Battery Backup = 11 minutes at full load
Load Bank = 1000 kW

Mechanical Summary

Power Density [W/sf] = 60
Cooling System = RTU DX
Raised Floor [inches] = 12
Humidity Control = No
Design Temp [F] = 74F +/- 2F
Fuel Capacity [gal] = 10,000

Utility Provider

Local power provider supplies power in a single feed configuration.

Real Estate Description

Areas include the mezzanine, raised floor, and building exterior. DC2 was built in two phases.

Electrical Description

The electrical system is an Isolated Redundant system consisting of 5 primary bus. Primary bus has twelve 375kVA MGE UPS (300kW output). Redundant UPS consists of 500kVA MGE UPS in parallel. There are a total of five 500kVA MGE UPS providing redundancy for the primary UPS. Generation is configured with five 1250kW CAT diesel generators in parallel.

HVAC Description

RTU provides cooling to the hosting space. The roof top units feed common ring headers to provide redundant cooling in case of a unit failure. RTUs include economizers and VFDs. Cooling is overhead only. Separate makeup air units provide conditioned air for the hosting space.

Telco Description

Leading telcos provide fiber optics and copper cabling.

AFS Description

VESDA provides early warning detection. Dual interlock fire sprinkler system. Two initiating device inputs (an area heat detector and a loss of air pressure) are required to activate water. Under normal operation, sprinkler pipe contains no water.

Fuel Description

Each generator has Each generator has a 2000 gallon belly tank. There are a total of 10,000 gallons of fuel capacity on site.

Building Monitoring System Description

Dimax provides monitoring and control for the HVAC systems; Dimax monitors critical electrical equipment.

Grounding Description

Building grounding system exceeds NEC and IEEE standards. A separate zero reference ground system installed. Lightning protection system installed with separate ground.

* Virtually zero downtime guarantee does not include scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime due to circumstances outside the control of Network Solutions.