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Technical Services


Customer care. It's more than a label to us, it's a commitment. With Network Solutions' proven structure and process, customer issues are resolved quickly and professionally. Great service builds customer loyalty. And in today's competitive Web sphere, that's worth millions.

The choice is entirely yours: Provide Level 1 and 2 customer care yourself, or outsource those responsibilities to us.

You continue to provide Level 1 and 2 support for your customers and work with Network Solutions on technical issues

Your service and support representatives must become knowledgeable about the hosting services, and work closely with our staff to resolve any technical issues that arise. Here's where you can count on our help:

Our proven training programs get your service and support representatives up to speed quickly on what hosting is and how to support it. Our goal is for them to understand the product and do basic troubleshooting so they can answer most issues in the first call. Typically we deliver 2-3 days of training in person prior to launch. We follow up with occasional short sessions by conference call, on topics of your choice. We can also "train the trainer" to meet your needs.

Professional Ticket System
We have implemented a professional trouble ticket system, customized for our product. This on-line tool allows your service and support representatives to open technical tickets with Network Solutions and monitor their progress at real time 24x7, without needing to call. You'll find our reporting capability allows both your representatives and our staff to track recurring issues as well as customer support performance.

Clear Escalation Procedures
Need to escalate an issue? We have a well-documented escalation procedure for sending tickets up the line to be handled as needed. Each step in the workflow has a defined response time in which resolution or further escalation will occur. You can track tickets as they move through the process, and you always know the status of your issues.

Support Tools
We provide your service and support representatives with basic troubleshooting tools so they can resolve simple problems on the spot. If a solution cannot be found, these tools help them provide a better diagnosis while the customer is on the phone, before escalating to Network Solutions. Your customer wait time is reduced and the customer experience enhanced.

Frequent Communication
Your designated service and support personnel will have regular conference calls with our experienced customer care professionals. These short sessions help keep procedures running smoothly and make sure that any issues are resolved quickly.

* Virtually zero downtime guarantee does not include scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime due to circumstances outside the control of Network Solutions.