Network Solutions - Private Label Hosting

Technical Services

Your success is our first priority. As our private label customer, you get a great product you can sell with confidence. We back that up with additional support and services that make the outsource hosting relationship work on all levels.

Hardware and Software

InQuent® Technologies brings together technology from globally-known vendors such as HP®, IBM®, Sun®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, RealNetworks™, NetworkAppliance™ and others, and combines it with our own proprietary provisioning system to produce a world-class Web and e-mail hosting platform.


In the hosting business, reliability is the number one priority. We know that if your customer's Web sites are online 24x7, you'll have satisfied customers and fewer support tickets. We make that happen.

Customer Care

To ensure we respond to each and every issue, we use a real-time online professional ticketing system. It includes proven escalation procedures with guaranteed resolution times to make sure you can continue to take excellent care of your customers, even when you outsourced your hosting service to us.

Sales and Marketing Support

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your business is a success. We continually develop sales tools, co-marketing plans, Web site content, and sales strategies for you to ensure your success.

Partner Control Panel and Hosting Control Panel

Our easy to use, fully branded control panels makes it easy for you, your customer care team and your customers to manage hosting accounts. An intuitive and at-a-glance menu allow you and your customers to easily manage and administrate all the hosting accounts on one panel.

Migration Services

Whether you want to move hundreds of accounts or thousands, you want to get it done right. We migrate large number of e-mail customers in a short timeframe with plenty of planning ahead of time and process in place. We work with you to make sure it is a smooth migration with minimal interruption.

Integration Services

Flexibility is an important differentiator of our platform. Our 3-tier provisioning system has been built with APIs connecting each layer, making it easy for you to integrate your existing order taking and billing systems with ours.


We offer a range of billing options, depending on your specific needs.


Our wholesale private label hosting services is fully branded to your specifications, so your customers will never see Network Solutions in the background.

Reseller Services

Our branding and control panels are fully flexibile and extensible that allow you to have resell opportunity. You can sign up resellers and agents of your own to further drive growth for your business.