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Private Label Hosting

Pricing Model

You're thinking about Network Solutions' for your private label Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce needs, but the big question is, what does it cost? We have great news!

How We Price Our Solution

Network Solutions charges a low fee per end-user on the platform with minimal upfront investment. You get great return on your investment because you pay only for what you need. You choose the services that best fit your business model and your target market. No pre-made packages of required services that you can't use and don't want - you buy only the features that will serve your customers. Select from our array of private label hosting options, and bundle them with your existing product offerings to enhance customer value. Our la carte product suite lets you buy on-demand and then escalate as needed, so you have minimal upfront investment. Such an open product structure gives you the greatest flexibility for the money you spend. This translates to immediate, concrete benefits:

Rapid time to profit
Revenue follows closely behind your expenses so you see fast return on that outlay, while realizing profit from your very first customers. Every part of your business is contributing to your bottom line, from day one.

Strong margins
Network Solutions' private label Web and e-mail hosting, and e-commerce services offer you a huge margin compared to others in the industry. In the cost/benefit equation, you get the greatest benefit for the smallest cost. There's plenty of room for you to offer the most attractive prices to your customers. You don't need to compromise on quality, either.

We're a popular choice, so we can combine the end-users of multiple private label customers and gain significant economies of scale. We invest heavily in R&D, hardware procurement, and other aspects of the business, but we spread those costs over our entire enterprise. That allows us to pass real savings on to our private label customers. We know that low fees mean you can enjoy stronger gross margins. Your business then has room in the budget for growth.

Minimal upfront investment
Worried about getting into hosting for the first time? Relax. Our solutions grows with you, and your startup risk is low. Private label hosting outsourced to Network Solutions gives you a compelling business case that investors find irresistible.

Aligned incentives
Don't forget incentives. As if great products at great prices weren't enough, we sweeten the relationship by aligning sales and marketing incentives with our common goal of helping your business grow. Network Solutions succeeds only when our private label customers succeed. You can count on our commitment to that success.

Steady revenue stream
A subscription-based revenue model gives you recurring revenue. You can help your cost-conscious small to medium-sized business customers control and manage their costs in turn.

Why We Can Do It More Economically

The Network Solutions' hosting platform was built from the ground up with our private label customers in mind. We've anticipated your needs, so our system is highly scalable to accommodate growth, highly extensible to add new features on demand and highly compatible to adapt to your specific business. Our flexible high performance technology platform is easily integrated with partners and third party services through our robust API. Our open architecture intuitively-designed control panels give customers complete control over their hosting accounts. An efficient automated ticketing system gives private label customers the freedom to submit technical issues online, 24/7, making technical support a breeze. Your customers get great service at the lowest cost.

Other Economic Benefits For Your Business

Everyone's talking about outsourcing, and we know how to do it right. As your outsource Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce service partner, we handle most of your IT responsibilities so you can remove that line item in your budget and concentrate on core capabilities. Your customers won't need on-site IT deployment, either, to manage and support their Web applications.

Faster time to market
We deploy swiftly, giving you faster time to market. We can have you up and running quicker than you could build a comparable product in-house. We're veterans in the private label Web hosting arena, as our extensive customer base demonstrates. When you've implemented customized solutions for every type of business, from major telecommunications and cable companies to Internet service providers and independent resellers like we have, it almost becomes a turnkey exercise. Add our superior after-sales support, and our partners acknowledge they've never before had such a smooth deployment.

Increase revenues and profits
Many of our private label customers find that outsourcing to us gives them a superior product, at a lower cost than they could achieve on their own. Plus, we streamline the system so that the headaches of putting together a full-service Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce proposition are completely gone. They can focus on their core business while we look after the technical side of growing their hosting business as a recurring revenue stream.