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Your customers depend on you for consistent performance and uptime. When you choose us as your partner, we work with you and your technical team to seamlessly migrate existing hosting customers to the Network Solutions' platform. We have developed procedures and tools with an emphasis on customer care to help you and your customers smoothly through the transition.

No matter what type of migration you choose, we help you every step of the way. Often the quickest and easiest migration method is to guide customers through doing it themselves. Alternatively, we can help you carry out migration completely in the background.

We have a proven migration process that helps you identify all of the elements of your environment that need to be migrated. Through this due diligence process, we determine exactly how to proceed.

Contact us now at to find out how effortlessly our migration strategies can work for you.

* Virtually zero downtime guarantee does not include scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime due to circumstances outside the control of Network Solutions.