Network Solutions - Private Label Hosting

Technical Services

Implementation and Integration

Wholesale private label Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce services are defined as "white label" - fully customizable services that become your own branded product. Network Solutions offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible such services in the market. Every aspect of our service is branded to match your existing services and identity. From look and feel, to language, your customers cannot tell we are the hosting service provider behind your brand name. Branding is thorough and complete, even down to the Web address (URLs) that your customers use to access their control panels, FTP their site content, and upload rich media content and databases.

We currently brand these elements, and more, for our private label customers:

  • Partner Control Panel
  • Hosting Control Panel
  • Online Order Form
  • Domain Registration
  • Webmail
  • Customer URLs
  • Online Tutorials
  • Support Documents
  • End-user notifications
  • Sales & Support Portal
  • Third-Party Products

Your customer's experience is seamless, no matter what services you outsource to us.

Billing Services
Network Solutions offer various flexible billing models to suit your needs. All of our private label customers receive monthly reports that detail all billing transactions for the month. With this information, you can bill your customers using the billing method of your choice. Or, we can integrate with a third-party billing provider on your behalf. Our partner billing system integrates with your internal billing through our API. Billing functions include verification of credit cards, bill processing, invoicing, and report generation, just to name a few.

We've designed and built our wholesale private label hosting platform specifically to integrate with our partners' technology. And we've had plenty of practice making sure our system is going to work with yours. Integration goes smoothly because our XML-based API is flexible enough to handle any functions our control panels provide, and more.

Your existing order forms and systems communicate directly to Network Solutions provisioning system through the API. You can expand your existing control panels for other products to include hosting functionality and tie it into our powerful management systems.

See what else our API can do:

Security Layer
Only authenticated users with the right administration privileges can access the Network Solutions operating system, network, or repositories. You can be confident that your data is entirely secure, and protected by the most up-to-date verification protocols available.

Request Multiplicity
Our API is flexible and multi-threaded. It can handle volumes of requests and execute them all flawlessly.

Transactional Integrity
Multiple requests for actions that are bundled within one global request are treated as one transaction. To ensure data integrity, if one action within the global request fails to execute, nothing else will happen. The system in effect rolls back to its state before the global request was made.

We are the largest user of our own API. That's why we're confident it can handle control panels, order forms, backend systems, and anything else that you need it to do, to make your outsourced private-label hosting business a success.