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Control Panels

One of the fastest ways to increase customer satisfaction with Web hosting is to provide the most modern Web-based tools for account management. Network Solutions has developed two full-featured control panels for our private label hosting partners as well as their small to medium-sized business customers and end-user customers.

The Partner Control Panel manages all aspects of your hosting business, from domain registration to client account management and customer support. The Hosting Control Panel lets all your customers manage their own Web sites, e-mail, and e-commerce accounts. Every tool that can help you and your customers maximize your Web hosting investment has been included in the control panels.

Partner Control Panel

With our full-featured intuitive Partner Control Panel you can easily manage and administrate all your hosting accounts on one panel. Itís fully branded to your specifications. Its many tools give you and your customer care team precise control over all aspects of your private label hosting services.

You can add Partner Control Panel functions to your existing systems, and integrate them to Network Solutions' hosting platform for greater flexibility.

Some of the major features include:

Access Level Administration
Manage how your users access accounts and functionality within the control panel. Create access levels for individuals or for groups.

Client Account Management
Access all your client account management functions through a powerful interface that allows you to create new accounts, register domain names, suspend/activate/terminate accounts, set account resource limits, and more.

Look and Feel Center
Manage the look and feel of both the Partner and Hosting Control Panels to reinforce your brand identity. Specify logotypes and modify URL links, to provide a complete branded hosting solution.

Partner Center
Edit your domain registration profiles, and manage NT and UNIX e-mail communications sent to your customers when they create their accounts.

Support Center
Your customer care team can open, view, and update all queries submitted to Network Solutions' Support Center, track trouble tickets as they progress through our proven technical support workflow.

Hosting Control Panel

Your customers expect the utmost in ease and functionality when they select you as their Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce service provider. We help you meet those expectations with our advanced Hosting Control Panel. Your small to medium-sized business customers and their end-user customers can deftly manage all aspects of their Web presence and e-mail accounts, all in one place.

The Hosting Control Panel gives them all the tools and utilities they need to handle everything from autoresponders and domain pointers to Web site creation. Hereís a look at some of the in-demand features of our Hosting Control Panel:

  • Complete e-mail administration including setting up e-mail accounts, aliases, e-mail forwarding, autoresponders, mailing lists, and catch-all accounts
  • Scheduling for regular backups to protect data
  • Monitoring Web site statistics including disk space and bandwidth usage
  • Database management system access; support for Microsoft® Access, MS SQL 7 and mySQL databases
  • Upload existing Web sites with the online file manager or FTP access; view and maintain Web site directory structure and files
  • Securely manage multiple Web site packages with one easy to use graphical interface; change passwords, set user privileges, edit contact information, and protect directories
  • Build a Web site in minutes with the popular SiteStudio™ tool

The Hosting Control Panel is an invaluable must-have tool that increases customer satisfaction and reduces calls to technical support. The Hosting Control Panel is fully branded to your specifications, and gives your customers complete control over all their Web site settings, even if they have no technical expertise.

The control panel supports popular design tools such as Microsoft® FrontPage™ and Macromedia®Dreamweaver™, and includes add-on utilities such as page counters. A script resources section includes hyperlinks to sources for Javascript and CGI to enhance customersí Web sites.

The Hosting Control Panel incorporates high-end information architecture, user interface engineering, and usability research to enhance the end-user experience.

As our partner, you can easily add Hosting Control Panel functions to your own existing control panels for other products if you wish, and connect them to Network Solutions' hosting platform through our powerful API.

The Hosting Control Panel supports domains hosted on both UNIX® and WINDOWS® platforms.