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Venturing into the hosting service business can be an exciting and yet daunting proposition. If you're already established, you might be wary of switching providers.

No need to worry when Network Solutions is your partner. We make it problem-free and cost effective, especially for our enterprise customers who serve small to medium-sized businesses.

We understand that there are actually two service providers who rely on us: you — our valued private label customers — and your small to medium-sized business customers and their end-user customers. We've structured our service model and our technology to meet the needs of both. You'll find our flexible solution easy to integrate into your existing system, and you can quickly begin reselling to your customers. Our tested Migration Plan will help you make a smooth and seamless transition to our platform. If you're new to hosting altogether, we have proven processes to make it low-risk. And with a correspondingly low upfront investment, you start seeing profit right away.

Our subscription-based business models ensure a steady stream of revenue for your company. We have a comprehensive suite of tools and functions designed to give you more customer revenue opportunities.

We help you grow your customer base while lowering your customer acquisition costs. With our multi-tiered reseller capabilities, plan management, and flexibility to rapidly integrate third-party applications, Network Solutions private label Web and e-mail hosting and e-commerce services give you the freedom to create multiple levels of resellers, each with their own branding and pricing. Now THATís flexibility!

As a Network Solutions private label customer, you will enjoy:

  • Brandable graphical user interface: customize your product's look and feel, and add marketing messages targeting your small to medium-sized business customers
  • Automated provisioning and servicing of small to medium-sized business customers. We provide you and your customers with all the rights and resources needed to manage hosting and e-mail accounts. Access rights and privileges are tracked to ensure the utmost security for all your customers.
  • Ability to track all Web site activity for small to medium-sized business customers for reporting and auditing purposes
  • Ability to manage hosting resources and applications from a single, unified interface across Windows® and Linux® servers

We can help you create a customized private label hosting program; this is a valuable way to grow your customer base quickly and efficiently. Your small to medium-sized business customers can resell your hosting services to their end-user customers, reaching a market you may not have otherwise been able to access.

Contact us now at to find out how we can help your business soar.

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* Virtually zero downtime guarantee does not include scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime due to circumstances outside the control of Network Solutions.