Network Solutions - Private Label Hosting


General Questions

Why should I choose Network Solutions to provide private label InQuent hosting?

What is your pricing model?

We are currently hosting with another company. Can you provide migration assistance?

Can I transition over to Network Solutions in stages or do I need to do it all at once?


Private Label Branding Questions

Can our customers tell Network Solutions is providing the service?

Will you ever contact my customers?

Can my small to medium-sized business customers resell my Web hosting services to their end-users?


Services Questions

Does Network Solutions offer any services other than Web hosting? If so, what are they?

Can my company bundle Network Solutions' hosting services with our existing products?

Can I customize and offer unique Web hosting packages to my client base?

We would like to keep certain components of Web hosting such as e-mail, domain name system and domain registration in-house. Can we outsource just what we want?

Can we process sign-ups for hosting using an online order form?

Can I customize my end-user's control panels?

Does Network Solutions provide any site builder tools with the Web hosting packages?

Can I offer domain registration through Network Solutions?

Does Network Solutions offer any e-Commerce solutions?

Does Network Solutions offer Virtual Name Servers?

Does Network Solutions provide any control panels? If so, what can I manage from there?

Does Network Solutions provide any product and support training?


Technical Questions

What kind of servers do you use?

What is your service uptime guarantee?


Customer Care Questions

What are Network Solutions' hours of technical support?

What kind of sales and marketing support should we expect from Network Solutions?

* Virtually zero downtime guarantee does not include scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime due to circumstances outside the control of Network Solutions.